SEM217: Sanjiv Das, Santa Clara University

Tuesday, March 29th @ 11:00-12:30 PM (ONLINE)

Multimodal Machine Learning at Scale: Democratizing AI for Academic Research in Finance

Sanjiv Das, Santa Clara University

Abstract: Data analytics is mostly geared towards tabular data (numerical and categorical). Humans form decisions using not only tabular data but also make judgments based on text they read, such as news, reports, etc. Econometrics and Machine learning have been used successfully on tabular data and also on text and images, but the combination of text and tabular data is much more powerful. This presentation will examine how combining natural language processing of text with tabular data brings better results on popular financial risk use cases and also brings machine cognition closer to that of humans. This is especially useful in finance, where humans have been using multimodal data to make decisions.