Morten Larsen

Job title: 

Morten Larsen is Senior Advisor at the Danish Innovation Centre in Palo Alto, where he facilitates collaboration between Denmark and California within research, higher education, innovation and entrepreneurship. He runs a fintech exchange program for Danish elite students coming to UC Berkeley to study and build a start-up. The program is run in collaboration with CDAR. The mission of the Danish Innovation Centre is to build bridges to a sustainable future by establishing public, private, and research collaboration and partnerships with local actors.

Prior to relocating to Silicon Valley Morten was based in New York, where he worked as a Senior Consultant also focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship, science and education. Prior to New York Morten was a Senior Consultant in Denmark and also has experience from the Danish Government and OECD in Paris. He holds a Master in Political Science from University of Aarhus, Denmark.