John Arabadjis

Job title: 
Member (2016-2019)

John is the Head of Macro Strategy Products & Analytics at Bank of New York Mellon, the group responsible for developing trading analytics and models of financial market dynamics for BNYM Markets businesses and their clients by applying the tools of data science to vast amounts of proprietary, market and macroeconomic data sets.

Before joining BNYM, John headed teams of data scientists at State Street, guiding R&D in a number of areas including behavioral finance, alternative data, multi-asset risk management, sustainable investing, private equity, and quantitative investment management.

Prior to joining State Street John was an astrophysicist at MIT studying dark matter, galaxy clusters, and black holes. He has held research and teaching positions at Emmanuel College, the University of Michigan, and the University of Massachusetts. He has taught courses in physics, astrophysics, applied mathematics, energy production, and climate change, and has authored roughly 50 articles in journals and conference proceedings, including the Journal of Portfolio Management, the Astrophysical JournalAdvances in Space ResearchNuclear Physics B, and the Astronomical Journal.  John has a Ph.D. in astrophysics from the University of Michigan.