Hubeyb Gurdogan

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Hubeyb Gurdogan holds Master's degrees in pure mathematics from Bilkent University and Syracuse University. He obtained his PhD in Mathematics in 2021 from Florida State University under the supervision of Prof. Alec Kercheval. Hubeyb joined Consortium for Data Analytics in Risk (CDAR) in December 2021. His primary research interests include stochastic analysis, high dimensional statistics, and neural networks with an emphasis on mathematical finance.



Lisa Goldberg; Hubeyb Gurdogan; Alec Kercheval
Other Research Areas, 2024
Hubeyb Gurdogan; Nariman Maddah; Reyhaneh Mohammadi; Elena Pesce; Alicia Montoya; Jeffrey Bohn; Katherine Dalis
Working Papers, 2022
Hubeyb Gurdogan; Alec Kercheval
Journal Article, 2022