2017 Symposium



Our conference series explores innovation in data science, highlighting applications to risk management. This year’s topics are Impact Investing and Fintech, and confirmed speakers include Robert Eccles, Kay Giesecke, Alex Papanicolaou, Alex Shkolnik, Philip Stark, and Kewei Tang.

The third annual CDAR Symposium, presented in partnership with State Street, will convene on October 27, 2017 from 8:45am to 5:30pm at UC Berkeley’s Memorial Stadium.

The Consortium for Data Analytics in Risk (CDAR) supports research into innovation in data science and its applications to portfolio management and investment risk. Based in the Economics and Statistics Departments at UC Berkeley, CDAR was co-founded with State Street, Stanford, and the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS). CDAR organizes conferences, workshops, and research programs, bringing together academic researchers from the physical and social sciences, and industry researchers from financial management firms and technology development companies large and small.

Please send inquiries to ngibson@berkeley.edu.


The 2017 Symposium will take place on Friday, October 27th, 2017 from 8:45am to 5:30pm. *Subject to change

8:45 – 9:30 a.m. Breakfast
9:20 – 9:30 a.m. Welcome
9:30 – 10:10 a.m. CDAR Year 3: Growth and Expansion


    Lisa Goldberg, CDAR
    Jingmei Zhao, SWUFE
10:10 – 11:10 a.m. ESG: Data and Corporate Social Responsibility

Professor Robert Eccles, Founding Chair SASB

11:10 – 11:25 a.m. Break
11:25 – 12:25 p.m. Panel

    Alex Papanicolaou
    Alex Shkolnik
12:25 – 1:25 p.m. Lunch
1:25 – 2:25 p.m. Don’t Bet on Your Random Number Generator

Professor Philip Stark, Associate Dean UC Berkeley Math/Physical Sciences

2:25 – 3:25 p.m. Fintech Speaker

Kewei Tang, Ant Financial

3:25 – 3:40 p.m. Break
3:40 – 4:50 p.m. Fintech Panel

Moderator/Panelist: Kay Giesecke, Stanford

4:50 – 5:00 p.m. Closing Remarks

Bob Anderson, CDAR

5:00 – 6:30 p.m. Reception


Featured Speakers

Professor Robert Eccles, Founding Chair SASB

Robert G. Eccles is the world’s foremost expert on integrated reporting and a leader on how companies and investors can create sustainable strategies. He is the Founding Chairman of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board(SASB) and one of the founders of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). He has recently joined the board of Mistra Centre for Sustainable Markets (MISUM) in Sweden.Bob is Chairman of Arabesque Partners, the first ESG Quant Fund, with headquarters in London and a research group in Frankfurt. In 2011, Bob was selected as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior, for his extensive, positive contribution to building trust in business, and in 2014 and 2015 was named as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics. He is also an Honorary Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Read his full bio »

Professor Philip Stark, Associate Dean UC Berkeley Math/Physical Sciences
Philip Stark’s research centers on inference (inverse) problems, especially confidence procedures tailored for specific goals. Applications include the Big Bang, causal inference, the U.S. census, climate modeling, earthquake prediction and seismic hazard analysis, election auditing, endangered species stressors, evaluating and improving teaching and educational technology, food web models, health effects of sodium, the geomagnetic field, geriatric hearing loss, information retrieval, Internet content filters, nonparametrics (constrained confidence sets for functions and probability densities), risk assessment, the seismic structure of Sun and Earth, spectroscopy, spectrum estimation, and uncertainty quantification for computational models of complex systems. He developed methods for auditing elections that have been incorporated into laws in California and Colorado. Methods he developed or co-developed for data reduction and spectrum estimation are part of the Øersted geomagnetic satellite data pipeline and the Global Oscillations Network Group (GONG) helioseismic telescope network data pipeline. Read his full bio »



The recommended parking lot is the Maxwell Field Stadium Lot.

For assistance with parking, please email Sang Oum.