Alex Papanicolaou
LS 88-2: Sports Analytics

Class Description

The principles of data science meet sports analytics. What makes a good hitter in baseball? How do you measure that? What are the flaws of plus/minus in basketball? Do Steph Curry or Klay Thompson ever get a hot hand? When should a coach go for it on 4th down? This course cover a wide range of topics on the analytical thinking behind the data revolution in sports and explore data science through the lens of sports analytics.

Course Catalog Description

Connector courses are intended to connect the Foundations of Data Science (COMPSCI C8/INFO C8/STAT C8) course with particular fields of study. They will apply the concepts and techniques of the foundation course to topics of interest in a particular discipline in order for students to develop critical thinking in data in subject areas that most interest them; these courses also provide a more nuanced understanding of the context in which the data comes into existence.

2 Units

Tu 12:00 pm - 1:59 pm

Cory 105

Class #: 42348

Stephen Bianchi
Economics 139

This a 4-unit advanced undergraduate course designed for undergraduates in Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, and Industrial Engineering/Operations Research who are interested in financial economics and finance. This course will stress the link between financial economics and equilibrium theory. Less attention will be devoted to purely financial topics such as the valuation of derivatives. This course is intended as a segue between a first course in financial economics (at the undergraduate level), and graduate level courses in financial economics and finance.

The idea is to introduce students to the full range of topics typically covered by a financial economics and/or discrete time asset pricing course at the doctoral level. Whenever an idea can be conveyed through an example, this is the approach taken. Proofs and detailed technical matters are generally ignored, unless they are required for a reasonable understanding of the related concept.