BIDS Spring 2016 Data Science Faire

Join BIDS May 3 from 1:30-4:30PM in 190 Doe Library for our Spring 2016 Data Science Faire to close out BIDS’ second academic year and celebrate data science at Berkeley.

We hear the word “data” almost every day on campus and in the news. But, did you ever wonder what UC Berkeley students, faculty, and researchers are doing with data and what interesting findings they have uncovered? At this year’s Data Science Faire, we will showcase exciting data-intensive initiatives at BIDS and UC Berkeley, highlighting work from the diverse community of data scientists around campus. Learn more about the exciting open source projects BIDS affiliates are working on and catch up on the work of researchers at some of Berkeley’s top data science centers, including the National Energy Research Scientific Computer Center, Berkeley Research Computing, and more.

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